How to use our amazing print system 

We use a print system called SafeQ. This give you the freedom to send print ether directly to any printer from you computer og to our print server from your email. When the print is delivered you access any printer with your own PIN, and retrieve the prints that you need. Simple and easy :)

Follow the descriptions below to add printer, manage your account and print from any device. 

Add printer on PC

Click this link and download client

STEP 2: 
Install the software with the following settings:

  • Controller host =

  • Enable spooling = deaktivert

  • Default print layout = A4

It shall look like this:


Send a message to Helene that you have installed the printer. The first time you print to the SafeQ print queue, it will ask for your PIN (the same as you use to log in to the printers, 8 digits). By default, your mobile number is entered as the default PIN. You can change this yourself by going to Print Self-Service.



Add printer on MAC

Under "System Preferences" (Verktøy) then "Printers and Scanners" (Skrivere og skannere), press the "+" button.

Define the settings as below:

  • Choose IP on the top

  • Address =

  • Protokoll = Line Printer Deamon - LPD

  • Queue (kø) = secure

  • Name = SafeQ

  • Use (Bruk) = "Choose software" (Velg programvare) -> write "7855" and choose "Xerox Workcentre 7855" in the list before you press "OK". (If you can't find the printer, try this patch)

Send message to Helene when you have printed the test page, and he will link your MAC to your user account.
This is only necessary at first time use.

Print from PC, MAC or E-mail

  • PC or MAC: Print as normal after installing the drivers correctly.

  • Email: Send the document you want to print from your registered e-mail to

  • Follow the instructions on how to log in and retrieve print.

Login to print or scan

  • Go to the nearest printer

  • Select SafeQ Print

  • Beep a RFID card on the side or click "Alternativ pålogging" and enter your PIN (phone number is standard)

  • You will be asked to print everything in the queue, select "no" to select the files you want to print or scan/copy.