Mantle Analytics gir dine data mer verdi

Mantle are creating new sources of value with your zero’s & ones!

Many organizations are far from where they want and need to be with improving performance, and they apply intuition, rather than fact-based data, when making decisions. 

Innovation Dock’s own Enterprise Technology start-up Mantle Analytics AS are beating this phenomenon.  As planning and performance data management specialists, they are using their platform, know-how and methodology, to unlock the value held captive in databases by automating the collection and presentation of data in visually compelling ways.  They specialize in discovering what the “human” in business really needs to know in order for the business to grow the and thrive, and then making that a reality.

They create deep, rich, powerful pools of actionable ‘decision-support’ information to use in improving company position, performance, culture, morale and worth.

Co-founded by Laura Landmark & Espen Kringstad in 2017, Mantle was set up primarily to help finance professionals in accounting, audit and industry create automated solutions to promote clarity and value in business.


Frustrated by the increasing number of data silos, and the common lack of inhouse ability to knock through the inaccessible silo walls Mantle was born. Landmark saw the potential in starting a company dedicated to doing the dirty data work, turning the 1’s & 0’s into valuable corporate assets. She approached Kringstad a previous collaborator who at the same time had also seen the huge potential in working with SME’s (small medium enterprise) to offer “on-tap” performance management / business intelligence solutions.

Both having finance backgrounds their beachhead market was finance professionals.  They are actively refocusing the emphasis away from routine work and historical compliance reporting and arming finance professionals with the right tools to revolutionize the way they deliver their services.  Mantle are part of a movement to create the finance professionals of tomorrow.

Mantle take everything that is quantifiable and recordable, then create smart connected forward looking solutions so finance professionals are freed from the chains of the desk to go out and serve their clients, with the backup of solid, crystal clear well formatted information.  Finance professionals are then able to spend a lot more time and attention in discovering what their clients actually want to achieve, then finding ways helping them reach their goals.  They become a business partner rather than a cost centre, and being a finance professional suddenly becomes a lot more real, and a lot more fun!

Why is all of this important now?  Landmark says that finance professionals are well placed to help managers sense earlier, and respond more quickly and effectively to unexpected changes.  External forces including globalization and the internet are producing unprecedented uncertainty and volatility.  The speed of change makes calendar-based planning and inflexible long cycle time planning with multiyear horizons unsuitable for managing the day to day business.


Landmark says Mantle provide the answer for finance professionals and executives who are looking to expand their focus beyond cost control and toward sustained economic value creation for shareholders and other more long-term strategic directives.  Mantle provide managers and employee teams at all levels with the capability to move directly towards the companies defined strategies and goals, creating an aligned force for change, everyone pulling in the same direction. 

Ultimately an organisations interest is not just to monitor KPIs (key performance indicators) but to move the dials.  Scorecards and operational dashboards can be used to generate great questions and conversations, which take a company beyond answering “what happened?” to finding out “why did it happen?” and going forward “what could happen?” and ultimately “what is the best choice now considering my options?”.  Those decisions can be taken instantly using live (or near live) data rather than reactively after reading about the situation several weeks later in a month end report.

The co-founders started the company using their unique and deep understanding of finance, performance management and enterprise software, combined with their development skills.  They are both technical / systems people with finance backgrounds which is an unusual and desirable mix as we head full speed into the 4th industrial revolution. 

They type of products they build and deliver include

  • Capacity sensitive driver-based budgets

  • Rolling forecasts & resource planning

  • Financial, operational & management dashboards

  • Key performance indicators

  • Product, service line, channel and customer profitability analysis

  • Structured reports and period performance packs

  • Business analytics of all flavours

After launching the company in Q4 2017 the founders were immediately accepted onto the SR Bank Grunderhub program, graduating with demo day in January 2018.  Starting from scratch with a bootstrap budget, the company performed exceptionally well during their first 18 months of business with revenues comfortably north of 4m NOK.

Thomas Grant joined the company in November 18, and with his machine learning skills is helping to move the company even deeper into anomaly detection and predictive analytics, making Mantle Analytics a small but fast-growing power to be reckoned with in the business intelligence market.

Its an exciting time to be a technology start-up says Kringstad, as sme’s (small / medium) need to be innovative, or at least have access to innovative services and solutions in order to stay ahead and survive. We are enjoying creating a customer centric business that makes this possible. The biggest buzz for us is when we see the light in the customers eyes as they realise, they have been given a life changing solution.  What we deliver saves them huge amounts of time and stress, time being something that you cannot buy, rent or recover.  There literally isn’t anything that is worth more.

Mantle’s revenue model is primarily a licenced based offering with a consulting wrapper.  We only consult for the companies who licence software and solutions from us, says Landmark, in other words we are not a consulting company but a software company.

The software and solutions we implement are an ecosystem of proprietary and third party.  We are also very aware of the human aspect of the finance professionals changing role in the digital age, and have also created a methodology called THE DDAAM METHOD ™ which is a 5-step progressive framework for adding value in business. 

What tips would Mantle give for someone that is starting out in business now?  Landmark believes their recipe for success is good old-fashioned open dialogue, especially the hard conversations.  She is also a fan of solid rolling plans, taking small steps forward all the time, spending wisely, and perhaps most importantly, being out in the world, reaching out, creating and nurturing connections.  Not just networking, but sparking up new valuable relationships, where you are prepared to give much more than you take.

So, what’s next for Mantle? 

Whilst head office is still at Innovation Dock in Stavanger it has been necessary for the founders to open an Oslo office due to the large amount of activity in the capital city.  Mantle have also already expanded into Sweden and the UK. 2019 should bring a doubling of revenue from 2018, well on the way to the Gazelle list!

If you would like to know more about what Mantle can do to make your life easier and your business more abundant, contact Laura Landmark on