BOOM! You can now check out our space at Bryggerikaien in 3D! Feel free to snoop around and enjoy the view. Like what you see? Check out the floorplan and available offices! (PS: we've done a lot of upgrades since these were taken, visit us to check it out!)



Bryggerikaien 24

In this building you'll find 6 offices, meeting rooms and more.

Some of the companies here are Mantle Analytics, Reach, Protector IP Consultants, Amesto Go, Sum Regnskap and the Innovation Dock team.

PS: This building has gotten a total make-over since the 3D scan! ;)



Bryggerikaien 20

In this building you'll find The Kitchen, a flexible room used as café, board room, meeting room and for private dinners. 

The Kitchen hosts are excellent chef, Lanya Michele, which caters all of our events and serves lunch every day from 11 - 14.



Bryggerikaien 18

In this building you'll find The Living Room, which is used for events, conferences, meetings and more.

The room fits up to 66 people on tables, and 100 people in cinema setup. Fully equipped with AV equipment, bar, chill zones and more. 



Bryggerikaien 16

In this building you'll find 5 large offices and meeting rooms.

Some of the companies here are Nyhethstjenester, LE Industries, Austigard Arkitektur and Work.. The building also have a secret meeting room - can you guess the entrence in the 3D showcase?..



Bryggerikaien 12

This building opened summer 2017with 10 brand new offices, meeting space, and more! 3D view on its way...



Kvitsøygata 30

2500m2 of co-working and office space, meeting rooms, class rooms and even a concert stage! 3D model on its way..